I know what you are wondering.... was this page really necessary? And you are right, the answer is no!
But I was really needing a new email account... and by buying a dominium with Aruba.it they gave me 5 ones, together with the dominium... add having a *@fabiocorsi.com email account was a dream for me... so you know why fabiocorsi.com was born

My knowledge of HTML is limited, the time to learn it isn't too much, so don't expect great pages. This work in progress page was built with Home Page Builder 2.0.... a very interesting script that allows you to build very easily and fast simple web pages. I admire the author and his concept of careware .
Soon in this web site you'll find new page, first of all a tribute to my beloved turtle Polda that was killed the last January. If you have any idea contact me or sign my guestbook

Things i like:

  • Industrial archaeology, history, Spezia (it's my town), Spezia Calcio (it's the soccer team of my town), Polisportiva FantaSpezia (it's my fantasy sport team), the left and its values, cats and turtles, London, BBC Prime, British telefilms - in particular "Keeping Up Appearances" -, food in the United States, onions (in particular fried onion rings).
Things i don't like:
  • The right and its values, every form of racism and discrimination, arrogance, phoney people, hence, Silvio Berlusconi (Italy's prime Minister), my previous ISP Galactica.
My Favourite Places on the Web:
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This page was created with Home Page Builder and Aracnophilia

Thanks to David and Glynn who corrected my mistakes :-)